Offer The World The Wisdom Of Your Heart

I’ve been thinking about this inspiring video/poem that is making the Facebook circuit right now called Today I Rise. Have you seen it?

Today I Rise is not only inspiring, it’s a powerful call to action to step into your power, own your magic and share it with the world.

The video first crossed my path when I was feeling disconnected from my awesomeness and wasn’t seeing the value of what I was offering.

We all go through this; feeling lost, small and ineffective. Not being able to access our power, and even worse, beating ourselves up for it. It’s interesting how we think we should be able to push our way out of this place. We believe force is the answer when what we really need is some self-love and compassion.

We end up curling up in a little ball and hiding out, when we really need to breath, open and plug into our awesomeness.

When our inner most being has hidden herself away, we need to ask: “Where are you?” and invite her out to play. We need to reconnect with who we are and invite the different aspects of ourselves out into the light so we can stop hiding and become the brilliant beings we are here to be.

This line in Today I Rise blew things wide open for me: “The world is missing what you are ready to give – so I RISE.”

It felt like a gentle invitation to put on my crown and rise up to be seen. To share the wisdom of my heart with all the other renegade queens who are eager to feel awake, alive and plugged into their awesomeness.

This doesn’t just apply to my coaching biz, it applies to my whole life. The more I fly my freak flag and rule my world, the better able I am to inspire and support the people around me.

I’m wondering what wisdom your heart is ready to share.

What are you ready to rise up and do?

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