You Acces More Freedom One Choice At A Time

Everyday we’re faced with the opportunity to choose freedom over fear.

one choice at a timeSome days it’s something small like choosing to wear the bright purple shirt with the glitter on it instead of conservative black like everyone else.

Sometimes it’s making the choice to put the purple streak in your hair or finally get that tattoo you’ve always wanted.

Then there are the days when you make the big choices- the ones that feel like a BIG RISK- like letting go of the “good- safe” job that stresses you out and drains all your energy because you would rather FEEL GOOD and enjoy your life.
Or deciding to change around your business to highlight your superpowers because you need to share you magic – even if it is a little weird.

It always comes down to basing your choices on what feels like expansion and moves you forward into more You-ness rather than on what other people will think.

(Worrying you won’t be able to get a job or people won’t hire you is rooted in the fear of what other people will think of you)

I will choose freedom every time!

What will you choose?


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