Owning The Kick-Ass-Ness That Is You!

Can you confidently describe your unique talents?
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What do you stand for?

What’s awesome about you?

If you can answer those questions – Yay!! You are on your way to flying your freak flag and shining bright!

If you can’t – you are not alone!!

 I see a lot of people having a hard time answering these kinds of questions. They have no clue what makes them freaking fabulous.

Sometimes you’re having a self-love crisis and can’t see it. “Me- fabulous…no way”

In other cases-It’s such a part of who you are and it’s so effortless- you don’t value it.

I was talking to a kick-ass musician client of mine who is all about expanding in to his next level of greatness. We were discussing how he wants to be regarded and what he wants to be known for.  I asked what he thought his awesome-sauce was. What does he uniquely bring?

He wasn’t sure. I asked him when he listened to the playback of his music, what he liked about the way he played?

He said he usually listened for the mistakes so he could get better, not what was awesome about it.

I know he isn’t the only one who does this. It’s how we live our lives….looking for the flaws, problems, and what needs to be improved upon.

How much energy is wasted focusing on flaws and weaknesses?

What if all that energy went towards identifying and doing more of the things that you totally rocked at? How would your life be different?

When was the last time YOU thought about all your talents, preferences and what makes you rock?

If you want to rock out your businesses and live a life you love, you need to get intimate with YOU. Identify your talents, what you believe in, and what your happy place looks like.

I suggest spending some time re-connecting with yourself and what makes you tick. Give yourself permission to be 100% you and start flying that freak flag.

 I can’t express how important this piece of the process is!

Own you awesomeness! Get over your flaws- they don’t matter.

In most cases, the things that are freaky and weird about you are going to be your strongest selling points. Embrace them and bring them forward. (Yhea, I Know….easier said than done! This is something that I can help you with * wink* )

From and energetic perspective……

Coming to place of loving and acceptance within yourself, and knowing what is awesome about you is vital if you want to become super shiny.

If you own your amazing ability to express emotion through your voice or cut through the bullshit to see where someone is blocked, then you will be sending a strong clear signal out saying- I am great at this– you will attract opportunities to do those things.

But when you doubt yourself and aren’t clear on what you’re good at; you send out doubtful energy that attracts more of the same.

Here are some things to take action on-

Make a commit to get to know YOU better.

Consider these things when doing so-

What you do naturally and what interests you?

Identify your strengths and your weaknesses. How can you embrace both?

Notice your natural rhythm and flow.

Identify what your awesome-sauce is.

Get clear on how do you view the world and what is possible.

What do you stand for?

The more you start to tune into this information the easier it will be for you to own it and bring it into your life/biz. Start doing this and you’ll be amazed at how different your life feels.



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