Powerful Freaky Women

Madonna and Lady Gaga

Freaky Powerful Women

Some of the most powerful women in the media today have gotten there because they aren’t afraid to be their wild freaky selves. Look at Madonna and Lady Gaga. They do their own thing and amplify it to outrageous proportions and their fans love it! People camp out over night to buy tickets to their shows and spend their hard earned money to buy what they have to offer.

Imagine that! People being so inspired by what you offer that they can’t wait to give you money!


On the other side of this-some people hate Madonna and Lady Gaga. They make fun of their outfits and wouldn’t be caught dead listening to their music.

You know what- that’s OK too! One of the truths of this life is that not everyone is going to like you. Even such brilliant, kind souls like the Dali Lama and Gandhi had their share of enemies.

You can’t waste your time worrying about that. There’s always going to be hatters and nay-sayers. Don’t let them stop you from doing your thing.

I’m not suggesting that you wear a meat dress and to your next big event, it’s already been done….but it wouldn’t hurt to think about the things that make you stand out from the crowd and hang them out for the world to see. You just might find yourself surrounded by your own set of raving fans, and I bet it will feel awesome to be yourself.

I know it can seem scary to do this!

What if people don’t like what you have to offer?

What if your brand of freaky is not for them?

You might not like this answer but I’m going to say it anyway- who cares if they don’t like your brand of freaky!!  What people think about you has nothing to do with you and is totally outside of your control.

Actually that’s not true. You can choose make other people’s comfort level more important than your own, and do everything that you can to please them and try to mold yourself into who they want you to be. That might make them comfortable, but where does that leave you?

If you are ready to become a powerful, freaky woman in your own right and you want some help learning to deal with the haters and the nay-sayers, sign up for a Kick-Ass Consultation. During this 30 minute conversation we will discuss how we can work together to make you immune to the criticism and judgment of others as you fly your freak flay high and proud and easily attract the people and opportunities that will make your life totally kick-ass!


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