Questioning Everything

Ms Cranky pantsThe past few months have been tough. I’ve been one cranky lady. Questioning everything, doubting myself, thinking that I should pack it all up and get a “real” job. My whole life was up for grabs.

My friend Megan Potter assured me that was exactly how I was supposed to be feeling given my Chinese astrology and the Universal energy that’s been active lately. And although this knowledge did prevent me from doing something rash (like closing up shop, going out and getting a job, selling my condo and ending my relationship) it didn’t change the fact that everything felt up in the air and there were some decisions to be made.

It was time to put my crown on and start making some fucking choices!

In my crankypants state of mind, I was spending way too much time focusing on what wasn’t working for me and letting my fear get the best of me.

I felt like I had to defend my kingdom and cling to all the things I was afraid of losing. Ironically, none of the solutions I dreamt up to end my suffering felt good to me.

Safe…yes…but certainly not plugged into want I really want to feel … FREEDOM.

The desire for freedom is the driving force in my life. It feeds my soul. I want to be free to be ME. Free to do, say, live and love what I want to.

When I let freedom guide me, my choices look entirely different. Hell…they feel different. They’re expansive.

Freedom has some amazing things to say when I plug in and listen.

Freedom tells me to…

Stop holding on so tightly and to allow things to unfold.

Trust myself and my path.

Follow what feels good.

Offer up the space for my sweetie to have the freedom to make his own choices.


Breath deep, laugh more and release the negative mental chatter that makes me think I can’t have what I want.

Freedom tells me that the more I seek ways to experience it, the better my life will be.

My work is to stay tuned into the freedom frequency and blast that station all day long! (I’m pretty sure they play a lot of P!nk.)

What’s freedom telling you?

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