Real Freedom Comes When You Stop Lying to Yourself

OK, it’s time for some straight talk from my heart –

Stop lying to yourself and buying into these self-defeating stories that convince you that you can’t live a Kick-Ass Life!

You know the ones I’m talking about! The story that says you have nothing to offer anyone and that’s why you don’t have the social life you desire, or you’re too fat and no one wants to date you so you better settle for whatever comes your way. Perhaps it  says that if you let your real self shine through no one will like you, or there is no way you can make a living doing what you love.  Maybe it’s the worse one of them all- there is something wrong with you because you’re different.

Some people call these stories limiting beliefs, the shitty committee, or your inner mean girl; I call them a pack of lies! They keep you from living your Kick-Ass Life and it’s a shame!

These lies are pure evil and they steal your freedom away from you.  Well…maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here. There’s nothing evil about them really, but when we believe these lies we give up our freedom to choose how we want to live.

Believe me when I say these stories are not true! All they are doing is holding you back and preventing you from living your Kick-Ass Life. As long as you believe these lies you will stay trapped in the prison of an unsatisfying life.

It’s time to stop buying into these lies once and for all and set yourself free to live the Kick-Ass Life that you deserve!

The trick is to learn how to identify when you are caught up in these stories and lies so you can make the choice to ditch them.

Awareness is key!

Once you become aware of your stories you can begin to set yourself free by questioning them and choosing what is true for you.

For most of us these stories and lies have become so deeply ingrained into our lives we don’t even notice them. We just think that’s the way it is. This is why having an outside perspective- like a coach- makes it so much easier to break free.

Here is what can happen for you when you do stop lying to yourself:

A 30 something year old, divorced mom with a successful career thought she was a failure when it came to her personal life. She was yearning for more meaningful relationships and deeper connections. After a few sessions working together she realized that she had created a complex story that said she had nothing to offer people outside of work, she didn’t really have time for relationships, and no one wanted to spend time with her. She stopped buying into these stories and within the space of a few weeks everything had changed…like magic! I was thrilled to receive this email from her-

“This is nuts! Is it possible that all I had to do was recognize and try to stop the lies I’ve been telling myself??? My calendar is filling up, people are calling me to do things… How does this just happen?”

Here’s another example:

A 30 year old guy was working an unsatisfying managerial position which left him feeling depleted and unable to pursue his real passion-music. He was burnt out and feeling trapped, and needed some help climbing out of the rut he was in. After working together it became clear that he was buying into story that said you need a real job to be a responsible adult and you can’t make a living as a musician. Then he decided to stop lying to himself and began to entertain the idea that he could make a living as a musician. He decided to pursue a few opportunities that were always there, but he couldn’t see them before because he was so busy believing the lie he was telling himself.  Within six months he was living in a new city and supporting himself as a musician! He had more opportunities then he knew what to do with.
You can experience freedom like this too!

Start paying attention to the places in your life that don’t feel good to you and where you are holding yourself back from living your dreams. See if you can identify the stories you are telling yourself that keep you stuck in a sucky situation and keep you playing small.Question these stories and open up to the possibility that they are wrong.

If you want to blast through this process quickly and painlessly let me help you.

My super power is seeing where you are caught up in your stories and holding yourself back. I can help you identify your stories and put an end to the lies once and for all. You can set yourself free to get on with the business of living your Kick-Ass Life.

I invite you to contact me to set up a Kick-Ass Consultation if you want to explore how we might work together to do this.



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