Rejoicing in the Unknown

The biggest dream killer I know is getting caught up in not knowing HOW something is going to unfold.

How will I get the money?

How will it turn out?

What results will happen?

Facing all these unknown factors is scary, it causes your energy to constrict and hurls you into overwhelm.

Feeling this way sucks! And it sucks the life right out of your dreams.

Rejoicing in the Unknown 1Let’s be done with struggling with the unknown. Let’s learn to rejoice in it instead.

During this episode of the Wisdom Collective, I’m going to  show you some simple tricks for shifting the over whelm and opening things up so that you rejoice in the unknown and play with it, creating space for your next steps to unfold.

Because I think everything is funner with friends, I’ve invited  the amazing Astra Spider to join me in this conversation.

Check it out here-

starry-astra-e1393626956271Astra Spider is a shaman gifted in connecting you with your abundance.When she is not playing with her partner Rich and their 2 Boston Terriers, 2 cats, guinea pig and lizard, Astra can be found playing with her Magnficent Messenger clients – helping them activate their Biz & Abundance Superpowers, voice the True Message of their Soul, and empower their Perfect Tribe!

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