Develop Your Own Renegade Queen Skill Set

A Renegade Queen is a woman who’s claimed her sovereignty.

She courageously takes a stand for herself and what she believes in.

She knows who she is and what she is here to do.

She boldly puts on her crown and she rules her world.


Around here, we are becoming Renegade Queens.

For far too long, the Renegade Queen played the role of a good little princess, abdicating her sovereignty and doing everything that was expected…

Until one day she decided to reclaim her sovereignty, put on her crown and live life on her own terms.

So of course she was called a renegade — and that’s a good thing, because she’s done conforming and complying with the patriarchy.

In it’s place, she is choosing to love, honor and trust herself.

She’s discovered her own way of doing things that makes her feel vital and free.

Renegade Queens embody everything bold, courageous and powerful about being a women. They inspire the people around them with her fierce determination to follow their dreams, be who they are and live purposeful, deeply fulfilling lives.

I want you to be your own Renegade Queen.

Developing your own Renegade Queen Skill Set will help you do that.

It’s not a prescriptive program, ten-step plan or a cookie-cutter formula.

The difference between a program you comply with and a skill set you cultivate is…
With a prescriptive program, you only get gains while you are in it, following the rules and rocking the system. Once the program ends the gains aren’t sustainable. Weightloss programs are a great example. When you do Jenny Craig; sure, you lose weight when you are on the system, but once you leave, and no one is telling you what to do and you’re not following their rules, your success can not be sustained because you didn’t actually build any skills.

That’s what is different about working with me, you build skills.

A skill set is something you cultivate and never forget… riding a bike. Once you learn you never forget. It’s anchored inside of you, to be accessed whenever you need it. It’s sustainable and something you can keep practicing, developing and repeating.

So that’s why what I practice with my clients — you! — is skill-building, not system-following.
Once you learn a skill, and ingrain it, you can’t accidentally unlearn it. It’s with you always — even when you and I aren’t working together.

That’s sustainable, powerful change, and it’s yours.

The Renegade Queen Skill Set is a thoughtful approach I use to help women build the skills they need to reclaim their personal sovereignty and freedom — skills we have to learn, because independence skills are not automatic when our culture is based on conformity and fitting in.

Building your Renegade Queen skills comes from a deliberate, choice-based process of discovery. You explore what sovereignty looks like and feels like to you and you practice it.

That’s what the Renegade Queen Skill Set is all about: ways to reclaim your sovereignty and practice it and get free.

Your ability to create a fulfilling, FREEDOM-filled life lies in your willingness to reclaim your sovereignty, embrace all of who you are and to give yourself permission to have what you truly desire.

This is all easier said than done.

Growing up in a patriarchy teaches us to be good little girls not the ruler’s of our worlds.

We are not taught to be free or sovereign.

We’re told over and over again, through words and images, we need to give up our sovereignty and be obedient, helpful, kind, pretty, and sexy if we want to be loved and accepted.

We learn to conform and comply, and ignore our own feelings, in order to become a ‘good women’ and make everyone else happy.

No wonder we crave freedom.

Society has been trying to strip us of of our crowns and cram us into the box of the “good women” our whole lives, and there is no room in there for our dreams, desires and ambitions. Let alone who we truly are.

It took me over 10 years to become the fierce Renegade Queen I am today. And I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn other people’s systems for setting myself free.

It’s my intention to make the process A LOT faster and cheaper for you.

Here’s the first quick lesson: following the rules, even in a well-intentioned self-help program, does not help you get free.

Getting free is not about following the rules. It’s about building your own skill set, discernment, boundaries, personal integrity and power and then practicing it, over and over again.

That’s what I mean when I’m talking about The Renegade Queen Skill Set.

Together, we practice the skills you want to grow in yourself, to guide you, as you explore and reclaim your own sovereignty…
…so you can get free and create your own sustainable, authentic, life-growing practices.

From working with 100s of Renegades, I’ve refined the Renegade Queen Skill Set into three core skills of sovereignty for you to explore.

Each skill is a different facet of your sovereignty and equally important.

They are the building blocks that create a firm foundation of self knowledge and power.

Everyone is in a different place and has different levels of competency when it comes to the Core Skills of Sovereignty. A sovereign session can help you identify what strengths and skills you already possess and those you might want to build — and then decide where to focus your energy and rock out.

The Three Core Skills : Authority, Agency and Allowing.

Cultivating the Three Core Skills of Sovereignty will help you redefine your life and expand your own capacity. You’ll increase your ability to discern, adapt, innovate and choose what works for you instead of trying to adopt someone else’s system.

It’s you becoming more of YOU, putting on your crown and deciding what your life will be.

And I promise you this: once you discover the power and sweet FREEDOM in embracing your sovereignty, there’s no going back.

The Three Core Skills of the Renegade Queen Skill Set



You are the ultimate authority in your life.

As you build your own personal Authority, you’ll plug into your inner power and creative essence and discover who you are and what you are here to do.

When I’m talking about authority, I’m not talking about being unjust, telling other people what to do or wielding power over them. I’m talking about tapping into your own sense of power and excellence, and being a confidant creator.

You’ll learn to trust yourself and listen to your inner knowing. All the while deepening your relationship with you, learning what works and doesn’t work, and tuning into your dreams, desires and ambitions.


You decide what YOUR life will be and base your choices on your wants, needs and truth.
Developing the skill of Agency means being your own guru and creating your own sustainable process for achieving your dreams, desires and ambitions, based on who you are and what works for you.


An important aspect of your sovereignty is being a free and independent being who uses their free-will to make the choices that feel right to them.
In order to access your free-will, you have to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be. Otherwise you’re limited by predefined roles and deep rooted social conditioning.

When you practice the skill of Allowing — which is essential to your sovereignty — you identify and release the old cultural conditioning that holds you back and makes you think there is a right way to do things. You let go of stifling roles and personas and give yourself permission(allow) to be who you are + have what you want + live the life you want to live instead.
To develop and solidify your Renegade Queen Skill Set, we’ll identify and practice the Three Core Skills of Sovereignty so that you can pinpoint where you need to do your personal work and focus there.

Within this custom coaching container — it’s not a one-sized fits all system; you’re the center of it — we’ll use a variety of exercises to help you explore, experiment, evaluate what you need to develop your skill set and establish a solid foundation of sovereignty that supports you in being the Renegade Queen you are here to be.

Once again, the difference between a prescriptive program you comply with and a skill set you cultivate is…

Prescriptive programs run for a limited time and requires compliance and constant external instruction. Like when you adopt someone’s ten step marketing or biz plan, you only get results when you take on the required persona and follow the steps exactly. Mimicking their process works in the short term, but once the program is complete you quickly lose energy and find yourself burnt out and floundering.

Skill set building is internally ingrained. Learning how to communicate about the benefits of what you offer in a way people can relate too, and feels good to you, is something you can take with you and experiment with. Once you’ve got it, you keep practicing and it’s yours forever.

Once you have your three sovereignty skills firmly in place, you will be free to be your own Renegade Queen and you will be unstoppable.

The end result:

The FREEDOM to be who you are and live the life you want to live
with no apologies and no regrets.
The FREEDOM and power to manifest your fulfilling, meaningful, freaking fabulous life
So that you feel peaceful in your head and deeply satisfied in your soul.


PS If you want to be the Renegade Queen of your own life, here’s a little more info (and logistics) about how we can work together.

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