Rule Your Life

This morning I’m thinking about being the ruler of your life.

What does this mean?

Owning your power as the source of your experience and deciding what you are going to create.

How many of you are wishing and hoping for someone else to provide you with the opportunity to do what you want to do?

When you do this, you make someone else responsible for your happiness and outcomes and give your power away!

Stop wishing and hoping for things and start commanding!

Decide what you will have and expect that it is on it’s way.

How does this notion feel to you?

Brazen and Bossy?

What if you ruled with love and kindness, trusting the Universe has your back and that there are all kinds of helpers waiting you assist you?

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

You don’t even have the know HOW it’s all going to unfold.

Your job is to decide what you want, know that it is on it’s way, and play with your desire as you give it room to unfold.

Play with your desire??!! What the hell does that mean??

It means to daydream and have fun imagining what it will be like to have what you want while you notice all the places that bits and pieces of it are showing up already. This creates room for the how to unfold and it feels a hell of a lot better than being stuck in the Dream Killing Loop of HOW!!!

Take the action steps you’re inspired to take as you respond to what shows up and feels fun.

The Universe has your back and is conspiring with you to create whatever you desire. Believe it! Once you decide what you want circumstances are lining up for you to have it…but you have to decide first. No being wishy-washy.

Are you the ruler of your life?

Are there any places that you’re wishing and hoping for someone else to come in and make your dreams come true?


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