How I was Saved from the Dreaded Overwhelm

Have you ever had something come together so effortlessly, you wondered why you were worried about it to begin with?

Well, that is exactly what is happening for me with The Crash Course

When I contemplated getting things ready for this course, it seemed a bit overwhelming at first. It certainly is the biggest thing I have ever offered before, and I was not clear on exactly how it would all unfold.

To be honest, when I started thinking about “HOW”it was all going to happen, I got a bit freaked out and started feeling the dreaded overwhelm starting to creep up on me. I started to get lost in the details of it all and I found myself  getting distracted by thoughts that were not helpful at all.

Thoughts like:

“Maybe I am not ready!”

“I have no idea what I am doing”

“I should put this off until I have ….more money…more time…more clarity.”

I spent way too much time playing Chuzzel and tuning out my confusion and self-doubt. ( I did get some pretty amazing high scores!)

I will admit there was a moment or two when I thought about scrapping the entire idea, and then I would connect with someone who would really benefit from the Crash Course and my inspiration would coming flooding back in.

The more I connected with the reason “WHY” I was inspired to create the course in the first place, the easier it was to stay connected to my ideas and the details of how to create it  fell into place.

What was my big inspiration?

Why, it was all of you! I want you to feel whole, part of a kick-ass abundant world, and fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. ( I want this for myself too.)

The more I focused on what the outcome would be for the cool peeps taking this course, the easier it became for me to create the content and put it all together.

And you can do this too. Focus on the “What” and “Why” of what you want to create in your life, and let that vision pull you towards the “How” of it all.

Try it out and let me know what happens in the comments below.

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