Say Yes to more You-ness!

Do you ever find yourself re-evaluating everything that you’re doing?

I sure do!

Life is all about growth and expansion and CHANGE is a big part of it. It’s important that you check in every now and then to make any adjustments that you need so you can stay in perfect alignment with your ever expanding self.

Recently I checked in to see if the name Defy the Box was still in alignment with what I’m all about.  I’ve shifted a bit from being a rabble rouser and preaching about how society keeps us trapped in pre-packaged lives; and expanded into being someone who helps you amplify your shine factor by flying your freak flag high and proud.

I’m still talking about all the same things; I’m just applying them in a more expansive way.

I realize more than ever – you need to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.


When you do this you become super shiny and life feels kick-ass.

This is especially important when you are an entrepreneur. You’re selling yourself more than anything.

If you want to rock your business out – you’d better feel good about yourself; be really clear about what your super powers are; and what you stand for.

More YOU-ness all the time- show the people what you’ve got!  (I’m not talking about flashing here either!)

But in order to do this…… order to fully love and accept who we are……. we need to let go of all the preconceived notions of who we THINK we are.

Reject the boxes, roles, expectations, and beliefs that you are trying to fit into.

Question everything to see if it is true.

Give yourself permission to be unique; brilliant; flawed.


This takes courage! You’ll meet all kinds of resistance to you being YOU. People will call you crazy, and say that’s not the way you’re supposed to do things. They will try and make you wrong. Hell, you’ll make yourself wrong.

Do it anyway.

It’s so worth it when you hit the sweet spot of being in alignment and the world is opening up before you. You become a sparkly, shiny beacon of light that attracts all kinds of amazing opportunities- freedom, fun, people, jobs, money, and connection.

Life is Totally KICK-ASS!

Defy the Box and say “yes” to you!

Are you in?

What are some boxes that you are ready to defy?




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