Wouldn’t it be cool to have a strong support structure of  kick-ass ladies,

who get you and the FREEDOM you want to create for yourself?

No jealousy, competition, or having to explain and justify what you are going for. These women get it, because they want the same things too.


The freedom to be who you are, follow your dreams and live the life you want to live.

leahshapiro3 (1)Join the Sisterhood of Awesomeness and receive the support  you’ve been longing for.

The Sisterhood of Awesomeness is a powerful (free) community of Renegade Queens who…

Embrace their sovereignty.
Learning to love and accept themselves.
Courageously take a stand for themselves and what they believe in.
Boldly puts on their crowns and rules their worlds.

Support and praise are freely given; diversity is welcome; and we share what’s in our heart and souls.

The Sisterhood is the place to step into your sovereignty, love yourself up, and get FREE.

How do you know if the Sisterhood is right for you?

two-women-dancing-and-laughingYou want to feel good about yourself, your choices and relationships; and to be seen, appreciated and loved for the powerful women you are.

You want to feel ALIVE, turned on and energized.

You’re more concerned with how you’re life feels than achieving “goals” and are learning how to move towards your dreams without pushing and striving.

Celebration, pleasure and appreciation are a big part of your creative process.

You worship at the altar of your desire and seek out deep, meaningful conversations where heart and souls are laid bare.


The Sisterhood is built on the belief that we grow stronger and bolder when we have the love and support of other powerful women.  It’s sharing of ideas and mutual learning that leads to innovation and makes life much more interesting.


Grab your crown and come join the party! 



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