Some People Will Ditch You

Are you afraid people won’t like you if you let the real you show through and you speak your truth?

This is a common fear for my clients. They are afraid that people will judge them or ditch them if they start being authentic and stop playing the game of trying to be what people expect them to be.  They are afraid that as they grow and evolve, they will lose their friends.

You know what? It’s true!

Some people will ditch you and judge you when you stop playing the game and start following your heart and your truth.  They will get pissed off that you’re not doing what they want you to do!  They will tell you that your dreams are crazy and list 100 different reasons why they won’t work. They might stop being your friend and talk shit about you behind your back.

I want you to know that this behavior has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

BUT it is still hard to take when someone you’ve know for a long time rejects you because your following your heart and speaking your truth; especially if it is family.

What helps me get through is the knowledge that being myself and speaking my truth will ultimately lead me to the people and the life that I want to live. The more authentic I am, the better life feels and the more meaningful people and opportunities show up for me.

When you begin to fully love and accept all parts of yourself-especially the weird ones-you become a beacon for all the people and opportunities that will make your life feel totally kick-ass!  For every person who rejects you, five new awesome people will show up.

Besides – You are not meant to hide who you are!  You are meant to be 100% you-in your full freaky glory. You are a freak of nature! There is no-one else like you. You have unique gifts and talents that are specific to you that the world needs.

The best way for you to bring these gifts forward is to follow your heart, live authentically, and speak your truth. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing it!

What helps you deal with the fall out of people dropping off as you step more fully into your freaky self?

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