Some Tricks for Dealing with the Unknown

Recently I was having a conversation with a client and I asked her what she wanted more of in her life. I could feel the tension and struggle as she replied “I don’t know”.  I can sense that this is extremely frustrating for her.  I know that part of her thinks that she should know what she wants, but the reality is that in this moment she is stuck.

How many of you have felt this way?

It can happen when you are trying to identify what your Kick-Ass Life looks like, or you are wondering when you are going to find your next job opportunity.  You’re reaching for an answer that’s not there but you think it should be. It feels horrible to be in this place! Your energy feels very constricted and stuck.

You end up desperately searching for answers by grabbing at anything that comes along or you become immobilized by brain lock-down and you can’t move past the wall of not knowing. Neither one of these solutions works all that well

These Solutions do Work!

Here are a few that you can try that will help you effectively deal with the Unknown.

Embrace the fact that sometimes you’re not going to have the answers and that’s OK. It’s part of life! In most cases we need to wait for clarity to arrive. Maybe you don’t have all the information that you need yet or you are somehow blocking the answer from showing up by looking in the wrong places. The answer will show up when the time is right.

Create the Space for clarity to come into. Think about how it feels to be stuck in the place of not knowing. You feel tense and your energy is constricted and tight. You’re working really hard to find the answer, or you’re totally shut down and confused. This is not the right environment for answers to show up in. You’re not resonating with your solution. Try shifting your energy and making space for the answers to come into.

One way to do this is to walk away and go do something else for a while. Go do something fun. This serves two purposes. It allows your attention to shift and it helps change your vibration so that you’re resonating with your clarity. In many cases you come back to the problem and the answer appears.

Another thing you can try is to re-frame the way you are thinking and talking about not knowing. Try these phrases to create some space for the answer to come into.

Rather than saying- “I don’t know” try saying;

  • “In this moment I don’t know the answer but I will”
  • “I don’t know right now but I am open to receiving it”
  • “The answer is on its way to me right now”

Can you feel the difference when you change the language?

Finally, you can enlist the help of your higher self to find clarity. You can use common divination tools like tarot or a pendulum. You can ask the question that you seek an answer to when you are meditating and see what answers come. I like to ask for guidance when I am sleeping by asking for help with my question before I go to sleep. I find that I usually have a dream that gives me some answers or I wake up with some clarity.

The key in all of this is to stop pushing and trying to force an answer. Be gentle with yourself and loosen up your energy to create some space for your clarity to come in.

What are your favorite tricks for dealing with the unknown? Please share them in the comments below.

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