Start Looking For what Feels Good!

I am fresh back from an awesome long weekend spent engaging in pleasurable pursuits and I am really looking forward to doing My Kick-Ass Dream Life this afternoon at 3 PM EST. We are going to be continuing the conversation around some of my favorite subjects- owning pleasure and committing to feeling good.

Last week on the show we had a fantastic discussion about the importance of making a commitment to feeling good and understanding your relationship to pleasure. It all comes down to this- a Kick-Ass Life= Feeling Good. We want you to CLAIM your right to feel good in your life and commit to doing it by making it your top priority.

So why is this commitment so difficult to make?

It seems like so many people are committed to seeing all their own flaws and where things aren’t working for them but they get stuck around making a commitment to feeling good and noticing all the things that are awesome about themselves and their lives. It somehow seems easier to keep yourself small and insignificant than look for your greatness.

How do you empower yourself to let the goodness in and give yourself permission to feel good?

Last week on MKADL we talked about the first step- Claim it for yourself and give yourself permission to feel good and enjoy pleasure.

This week we will discuss the second stepStart looking for all the things that feel good to you, give you pleasure, and what you want more of. It is all there right in front of you waiting to be discovered. The thing is that we are not really taught to look for it. We are taught to look for the potential problems, and what isn’t working, and what you don’t like. Aren’t those things easy to find!

Interestingly enough, there are plenty of awesome, amazing things that feel good for you to find as well, once you shift your focus and start looking for them.

Try it! Make the commitment to look for the things that feel good to you for 1 week and let me know what happens in the comments below!

Want to listen to the show?  Click this link and you can listen in:

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