It’s Time To Start Questioning Everything, As A Society and As Individuals

A conversation with the amazing Mara Belzer, inspired by what’s going on in Ferguson, has got me thinking about mindset and systems; being empowered and dis-empowered; and personal responsibility and societies responsibility to support each individuals evolution.

It’s clear that things have got to change…..but who’s responsible for creating this change?

We are each the source of our own experience.

Your mindset (beliefs, thoughts, stories about how the world works and what you think is possible) is the lens that you perceive the world through and what you interpret all your sensory experiences through. Your mindset determines your experience and how you react or respond to things, how you show up in the world, what you think is possible, and what you create.

Becoming aware of your beliefs, stories, and thoughts is what allows you to question them and change them- which in turn will change your experience….this applies to individuals and societies.

Change starts within. It starts with each individual taking responsibility for their lives and changing their own story/mindset.

But how do you know this is even possible when you’ve been beat down by the system and are struggling to survive? When you don’t know how you’re going to put food on the table and you worry if your kid is going to get shot coming home from school?

Who’s responsible for teaching ALL people that they have the ability to change things within themselves? Who’s going to show people that things can be different?

I’ll be the first to say that society, our institutions and systems, and the media fucks with the way we think about our lives, who we’re supposed to be and what is possible; and certainly leads to a lot of people feeling trapped and powerless.

In many cases, what we think is true is really allot of pre-packaged bullshit being fed to us by our culture, society and families about who they THINK we’re supposed to be and has nothing to do with who we are and what we’re here to achieve.

This is why so many people are tuned out and living lives that feel horrible to them. It’s not the life they are here to live. The pre-packaged stories about who we are supposed to be limit our ability to self actualize and fulfill our potential.

Question everythingLife gets better when you start questioning everything. Questioning social norms, expectations, what you think is true, who you think you’re supposed to be. When you begin to explore the possibility of things being different, and start asking new questions like- “How CAN this work?”, “What would feel better?”, “What can I do differently”….that’s when things start to open up and shift.

We all have the potential to do this, if we empower ourselves to question the status quo and do things differently.

As individuals, we need to tune into our personal thoughts and beliefs AND the ideas driving our society. We need to stop being afraid of each other and start thinking of ways to empower, love and accept one another. We are all in this together and need to embrace this idea if we want to survive.

As a society we need to evaluate all our systems and institutions to determine if they are working as we wish them too. We need to ask how these systems can treat everyone as equals and offer the same opportunities to everyone.

We need to start owning what’s not working and the fact that white privilege exists; stereo types and labels are NOT helpful; we are ONE race- the HUMAN RACE; and everyone deserves to be treated equal.

Let’s not forget acknowledging that there is NO one RIGHT way to live.

The questions on my mind are- How can our systems create a strong, empowered society?

How can we empower each other to change things?

Who’s responsibility is it to create this change and empower people? The system or the individual?

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