This is How You Step Into Your Dream

Who are you?

Who, Who, who,who??

I really want to know!!  ( You too can rock out to The WHO)

Self-identity is a hot topic around these parts right now. It’s deeply linked to your ability to expand into your full potential and make your dreams come true.

How so???

The way we think about ourselves; the stories we tell about who we are and what is possible; and the roles we play all determine our experience.

If you identify as a struggling entrepreneur it’s going to be really hard to become a successful one. Energetically they don’t line up. There is no alignment or resonance.

Does that mean you should give up and go out and get a job? Nope…..unless that idea feels good to you.

step int your dreamWhat it does mean is you need to check in to see if your currant self-identity is a match with what you want to create for yourself.

Dragging around old ideas about who you are prevents you from stepping into and owning the life you really want to live.

You need to start seeing yourself as the success you want to be and collect evidence of it being true.

The Voice is a great example of this. Each contestant needs to embody the version of themselves who is already living the dream.

They need to let go of the old identity of the struggling singer who never got a break and come into alignment with the one who is already a super star.

It’s pretty amazing to watch the process. I can easily see who is shedding their old stories and who is not.

I’ve done a lot of work with a musician who is taking his career to amazing new heights by coming into alignment with the performer he wants to be…..and really, it’s already inside of him, his work is to get out of way by letting go of old self-defeating stories. The more he does this, the easier it is for him to tune into his Frequency of Awesomeness, and see the evidence of his dream unfolding before him.

What do you need to let go of in order to step into your dream?

Want some help?

Let’s talk!!!

There are a variety of new ways I can help you, from this kick-ass new group to energy clearing and 1-1 work. I want to help you tell a a new story about who you are and what is possible in your life.



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