How To Stop Feeling Helpless And Find Your Voice (Wisdom Collective)

This episode of the Wisdom Collective is deep AND fucking awesome!

Give it a  listen  if you’ve ever felt helpless, hopeless and pacified.

Stop Feeling HelplessRunning your own business is challenging enough on its own. But what happens when you’re bogged down in a bunch of personal shit that has you feeling beat down and all you want to do is hide under the covers?

How do you keep things going after hitting rock bottom?

My guest,  Berni Xiong,  has been there! She knows what it is like to be down in the depths of depression, living like a hermit and trying to make sense of the terrible situation she had been dealing with for over 17 months.

In her own words……

“I didn’t have a name to describe what caused me to hit rock bottom in October 2012 until it happened to me and I ended up google searching for ways to find a fix. It’s called “parental alienation.” For over 17 months now, my ex-husband has been alienating me from my son since he has become an adult.

During this time, I fell into one of the worst depressions in my life. I gained back nearly all the weight I had lost six years prior in the entire year of 2013. I’ve lived mostly as a hermit during this time to make sense of why this happened and what I could learn from it. I embarked on a spiritual journey for all of 2013 where I chronicled my feelings and lessons learned every single day.

On a single Saturday afternoon on January 4th, 2014, I compiled my all my writing into the entire first draft of the book I’ve been meaning to write since 2011 but never felt worthy of authoring until now. The book chose me as its muse, which is why I’ve given it the working title,The Year of the Brave Bear: How to Unleash Your Voice and Dominate Your Corner of the World. I will be independently publishing it in the Kindle store this spring to help others who feel helpless, hopeless, or pacified to stand up and “fly your freak flag” proudly.”

Listen to our conversation and learn how you can unleash your voice and fly your freak flag high and proud!




Berni Xiong, The Shin Kicking Life Spark. When she’s not kicking shins at, she helps brave solopreneurs shut up and make shit happen on her weekly web show,


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