This Is What Happens When You Stop Pushing So Hard

Most renegades I know would agree; the quest for freedom is exhausting!

All the hard work, the constant effort to make things happen, and the need to stay in control of what’s going on takes a toll after awhile.

Sometimes you just want to take a break and relax….but then nothing will happen.

You have to keep pushing for what you want, don’t you? No one’s going to hand it to you on a silver platter.

pushing WCAfter all, caring about something means you’re willing to work hard and earn it….right?

What if I were to tell you that pushing was not the way to go?

Matter of fact, you’d access more freedom faster if you let go of pushing all together.

Yup…you heard me right….

Don’t believe me?

Check out the latest episode of the Wisdom Collective.

I am joined by a friend and fellow coach Nat Couropmitree to discuss what we each discovered as we practiced letting go of pushing.

We share

  • Why pushing comes from a place of lack and makes you work twice as hard.
  • How you are putting conditions on having what you want
  •  The challenges and rewards of giving yourself a break
  • Why pushing yourself to make something happen is the same as beating yourself up
  • Tips for accessing more freedom without needing to work so hard.

Give it a listen and you might decide to give yourself a break and relax into your new found freedom!

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Nat C
Nat Couropmitree empowers entrepreneurs to create lasting fulfillment through self-love and acceptance. Receive his
‘Giving Person’s Self-Care Guide’ at

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