Success Equals More Freak Flag Flying, Less Boring And Safe

Imagine living in a world where you get to be your weird, freaky self and have it all. Freedom. Fun. Career You LOVE!

A world where you don’t have to sell out, settle or conform to be successful in your business!

Oh…wait a minute… we already live in this world!

Old, boring, ways of doing things where everyone looks the same, sounds the same and is playing it safe are on the way OUT the door. I don’t want to buy anything from someone like that, do you?

I want to deal with a real, interesting person who I can relate to and trust, who is not afraid to admit to mistakes and stand up for what they believe in!

I want to work with someone I resonate with, who understands me and my needs and doesn’t try to sell me a one-size-fits all solution. One size never fits everyone!(especially me)

FreakFlagAs entrepreneurs we are the ones creating this shift. We are perfectly positioned to show up in bold new ways and fly our freak flags high and proud.

I say – bring more of your rebellious, rule-breaking, free-spirited self into your business and show the people what you’ve got! Flaws, quirks, superpowers, vulnerabilities and all!

Being REAL allows people to connect with you on a deeper level. It allows them to know, like and trust you more which translates into loyal fans who can’t wait to buy what you have to offer. It’ll be a total lovefest and a hell of a lot of fun!


Flying your freak flag gives you the freedom to be who you are, say what you want to say, and work the way you want to work.

No more playing the game, trying to fit in, or being exhausted from trying to get it right.

Giving yourself permission to simply show up and be YOU creates all kinds of space that was taken up before by trying to do everything the right way.

Flying your freak flag is expansive! There is room to breath, grow and expand into your full potential … into your full You-Ness!

Being Super Shiny!!!

Flying your freak flag is really about coming into alignment with who you are and feeling really good so  you’re sending out some serious high resolution vibes that will make you super shiny and uber attractive to the people who totally dig what you have to offer.

What’s stopping you from flying your freak flag right now?

Why are you holding back?

What are you scared of?

Offending people? People not liking you or thinking you’re weird? Not fitting in? Not being taken seriously? You’ll lose everything and have to move back in with your mother?

Are you caught up in a belief saying there is a right way to do business and it includes settling down, getting serious, and being more professional?

How many times have you heard that line of crap in your lifetime? I’ve heard it about a million times; and so have my clients who have happily gone on to make their own rules for success.

It’s Scary!

I know that unfurling your freak flag is not easy and can be very scary! ( BUT that’s half the fun)

It takes courage to do your own thing and let people see the real you! You have to take risks and learn to trust yourself and your instincts. You have to be willing to be vulnerable and let people see your weaknesses and quirks as well as your super powers. You can’t worry about offending people or worrying about what they are going to think.

Flying Your Freak Flag is so worth it!

It’s freeing to give yourself permission to show up fully, make your own rules and just be you. It’s what you are here to do.

Let Me Help You Unfurl Your Freak Flag!

I want to know- where are you holding back?

What’s in the way of you flying your freak flag high and proud?

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