Sucky Hard Ass Lessons

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your business?

My “big lesson” sucked because I had to go through countless hours of struggling with self-doubt, fear and thinking that there was something wrong with ME because I wasn’t making the sales and getting the results that I wanted. I almost closed up shop because I felt like a failure.

Then I finally got the all important lesson- “Don’t take things personally”

Check out this video and see what I discovered about taking things personally and how to shift it.

Interesting enough, It’s easy for me to not taking things personally in my personal life, but when it came to my business- everything was a direct reflection of my self worth!

Can you relate to that?

Nobody signing up for my offer the first time I mentioned it must mean that I suck and no-one wants what I have to offer so I would give up.

I was afraid to take risks, really put myself out there and talk about what I offered because I didn’t want to be rejected.

I was self-conscious about going to networking events and connecting with other business people because I felt like I didn’t fit-in with them and they wouldn’t get me.

The really weird part of all this was that I hid my self-doubt so well, nobody guessed that I was all tied up inside.

I see this same issue in the ladies I work with. They appear confidant and business savvy. They know WHAT to do but they are afraid to put themselves out there and share the things they are passionate about because they are afraid of what other people are going to think about them.

One Thing I Know For Sure

The way to stop taking things personally is to do the deep personal work of cleaning up your self-defeating beliefs and unpacking your emotional baggage so you can love yourself and stop making yourself wrong for everything that doesn’t work out.

Doing this allows you to create some space between you and your results so you can look at them objectively and see them as valuable INFORMATION about what works and doesn’t work for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Where do you catch yourself taking things personally?


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