Surprise! Surprise!

Have you ever created something so AWESOME that you surprised yourself?

That’s exactly what I did when I created Unleash Yourself! This 30 day class is the perfect combination of my best practices, processes and super powers. It is the perfect reflection of who I am as a freedom fighter / self-love champion.

I feel that this image sums up what we do in Unleash Yourself!

Last month I ran the beta version of the class and  20 courageous ladies join us. We were all blown away by the results and the praise. Here is a sampling of  the feedback we got:

“This has helped me already to make positive improvements in my clarity, confidence,
focus, joy, communication skills and boundaries, stress levels, and intuition.”

“It allowed me to uncover some beliefs I had become stuck in,
and refocus my attention to the positives in my life!”

“I’m a thousand times happier in my life”

“It saved me 40 years of therapy!”

“I feel really rock solid and love has filled me up like never before-
for myself, for life, for the experiences to come.”

I admit, it took awhile for all this praise to sink in, but I did my best to bask in the juicy goodness of it. One thing it did confirm for me was that the more fully I show up and be ME – the better able I am to serve other people. I’m feeling very bright and shiny right about now.

We just started enrolling for the next round of Unleash Yourself!  If you are ready to set yourself free- learn more about Unleash Yourself! to see if it is right for you!  Click here to learn more and sign up. 

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