Take The Quiz- Are You Flying Your Freak Flag?

I’ve got something fun for you this week!

FreakFlagFreedom and freak flag flying go hand in hand.

“How so?” you may ask…

Freedom is all about having the space to make the choices that feel good to you.

Flying your freak flag is making the choice to show up fully, make your own rules and live the life you want to live.  There’s nothing that feels better!

It’s the perfect expression of personal freedom and frees up a ton of energy that was being used trying to fit in, hide out and keep everyone else happy.

Are you with me on this?

Flying your freak flag makes life easier and much more satisfying. It puts you right into your ever abundant flow. What’s better than that??

Do you wonder where you stand in the world of Freak-­Flag-­Flying? Are you totally rockin’ it out? Or could you use a little help unleashing yourself?

In the spirit of getting clear on where we are now, so we know how to aim better tomorrow, I created a quiz for you!

It’s only 10 questions and by the end of it you’ll know your flag is flying high and proud or needs a little assistance making its way up the pole. PLUS – I also provide you with the resources to support you in moving forward.


Share your results in the comments below!

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