Ten tips for connecting to your kick-ass dream life

I often work with people who know that they want something more out of life, but they have no idea what that looks like.

I always suggest a bit of self-exploration to help them uncover their version of a kick-ass life.

I figured that I would share these 10 tips for connecting to your kick-ass life in case you struggle with the same thing.

Here we go………

1. Commit to looking for the things that make you happy. Start making a daily kick-ass list. Write down everything that feels good to you and that you want more of.

2. Create space to sit quietly and connect to your inner-freak every day. Listen to what it tells you. It knows the way to all that is juicy and fun.

3. Put yourself outside your normal day-to-day life to shake things up a bit and shift your perspective. (I decided to go for my dream of being a Life Coach when I was at Burning Man.)

4.  Tap into your curiosity and sense of wonder. Ask questions, dig deep, and let yourself be surprised.

5. Play more! Have fun! This will help you tap into the energy of your kick-ass life and attract more of it to you.

6.  Explore all the things that interest you and try it on for size. Conduct your very own Life Experiments.

7.  Pay attention to what you admire about the folks around you. Think about what exactly it is that appeals to you. (For example: You admire your friends open relationship. When you think about it, you recognize that what appeals to you is their ability to be themselves and pursue their own interests, and that is what you want more of.)

8. Give yourself permission to do all the things that you think you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T do, but you really-really want to.

9. Think about how you want the different aspects of your life to feel. (i.e. Work, relationships, body, spirituality, communication, sexuality, and relationship to money)

10. Imagine how you want to feel on Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday. What do you do on the weekends?  Get specific. Think about the kind of people you want to be around and the things you will do.

Pick a few to try out and let me know what happens in the comments below.

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