Ten Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

1. Commit to looking for the things that make you happy. Start making a daily kick-ass list. Write down everything that’s kick-ass and that you want more of.

2. Make your relationship with yourself and feeling good the most important thing. Take full responsibility for your own happiness and outcomes.

3. Spend time everyday focusing on what you want in your life. Picture yourself having it without worrying about how it’s going to get there.  If you want more money- claim it!  Don’t worry about HOW it’s going to show up, just picture yourself having it in your bank account…or under your mattress…. and imagine all the fun stuff you’ll do with it.

2. Create space to sit quietly and connect to your inner-freak every day. Listen to what it tells you. It knows the way to all that is juicy and fun.

3. Shake things up a bit on a regular basis to put yourself outside of your regular perspective. This will keep you from getting stuck in a rut. (I decided to go for my dream of being a Life Coach when I was at Burning Man.)

4.  Tap into your curiosity and sense of wonder.  Ask questions, dig deep, and let yourself be surprised.

5. Play more! Have fun!  This will help you tap into the energy of your kick-ass life and attract more of it to you.

6.  Explore all the things that interest you and try it on for size.  Conduct your very own Life Experiments.

7.  Don’t be a pussy!!  Be bold and daring….take risks make up your own rules and do your own thing.

8.  Stop worrying about offending people!! Not everyone is going to like you no matter what! What is most important is that YOU like you. Be true to yourself.

9.  Give yourself permission to do all the things that you think you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T do, but you really-really want to. Have no regrets!

10.  Surround yourself with other kick-ass people who are doing cool things with their lives. Ditch the negative nancys, complainers, whiners, and the dream smashers.

Whats your favorite?


Kick-Ass Guide

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