Walking Out

A few months ago, I spent the day at a Woman’s Leadership conference sponsored by a wonderful organization called Berkana. One topic of discussion was the concept of “Walk Outs”. A “Walk Out” occurs when someone decides that they can no longer tolerate living a pre-packaged life from the ready made world. This person makes the choice to “walk out” of the school system, job, institution, or what ever it is they are no longer choosing and move on to some other situation that better serves them. In many situations these people are creating something new for themselves, something that represents who they are.

WOW!! This idea struck me as being at the core of the work that I do with people. Let’s face it; we do live in a ready made world. I am not just talking about food here! It seems that nearly everything is pre-packaged: the education system; the American Dream; health care; and financial institutions. Then there is the kind of work that you are supposed to do to make the money you need in order to live the way you are supposed to live. Marriage and relationships are supposed to look a certain way. You are supposed to look and act a specific way. There are all these ideas about who, what and how we are supposed to be in order to be successful and achieve all we are supposed to achieve.

What do you do when these pre-packaged ideas do not resonate with you? How about when you tried to live that life but it is no longer feeling good to you and you want MORE from your life? Now you want the freedom to be who you really are, to let your unique freakiness out, and to be prosperous while doing it!

One thing you might do is give me a call to talk about how I might help you create something new for yourself ! In my life I have “walked out” of many traditional pre-packaged roles and have been successful in creating a life that allows me to be to be my freaky self. I can help you do that too!

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