Finding Freedom: It Is All a Matter of Perspective

One thing I learned about myself during my cleanse and diet is that I HATE to be restricted in any way. As soon as I feel like I CAN NOT have something a defiant energy gets activated in me. I feel rebelous and the outraged little kid who stomps her foot and wants what she wants appears. I feel like my freedom is being restricted in some way.

For me, feeling FREE is where it is at!

This feeling of being restricted became an obstacle for me on my journey. I knew that this was some of my “Stuff” coming up and I wanted to explore it. I allowed myself to really feel into the core of the energy when it was activated. This lead me to a clear perspective on what the energy was and where it was coming from. This awareness released me from the grip of the “restricted” feeling.

I also recognized that my feeling restricted is all a matter of perspective. If I focus  my attention on what “I can not  have” then I feel like I am being restricted by someone outside of me and that triggers my “stuff” around freedom. An easy upgrade to this thought is “I choose” not to have something. This puts me at a place of choice and that feels much better.

Another easy upgrade to this is to focus my attention on what I can have rather than what I can not. Rather than thinking “I can not have the smoothie I like for breakfast”, I focus on all the delicious fruit I can choose from. When I focus on all my options it opens things up. When I focus on my choices, I feel a sense of freedom.

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