The Amazing Awesomeness of My Right People

Imagine being surrounded by your right people. The ones who totally get you, love you, appreciate your uniqueness, are eager to hear what you come up with next, and say “Hell Yhea!” to your big dreams.

How would you describe them?

My right people are creative, unique individuals who have their own thing going on. You won’t find them following the crowd –unless it is leading them to a fun party.

They don’t follow the trends- they create them.

They’re intelligent, courageous and self-reflective. They like to explore the inner workings of their mind and aren’t afraid to look inside of the scary dark places that no one else dare go. They are up for deep, meaningful conversations full of intimacy and vulnerability.

They are spiritual, know that there are many paths to enlightenment, and enjoy exploring their own consciousness to discover what is right for them.

They are powerful and they know it. They take full responsibility for their own outcomes and are busy living out their dreams.

They’re fun and playful! They laugh-a lot-and poke fun at the ridiculousness of life. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are more likely to laugh if they screw up than cry.

They are kinky and a bit naughty and enjoy a bit of debauchery from time to time.

They speak their truth and expect me to speak mine.

They are amazing, fine folks who bring so much fun, meaning and satisfaction to my life. I appreciate them and they appreciate me.

Your turn!  Describe your right people in the comments below.

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