The Best Time to Amplify

Just call me Ms. Cranky Pants today! Which is a step up from the random feelings of despair and crying jags I was having yesterday.

All I know is that I’ve been feeling really worn out and exhausted and don’t really have anything good to say about the week. Which is exactly why I need to play Amplification Friday! 

It’s time to take control of my thoughts and shift my focus to what is working and feeling good to me so I can get out of this negative swirl.

Here goes-

I really appreciate the freedom that I have in my life to do the things that I want to do! I wake up when I feel like it and go to bed when I’m tired. It is so much better than when I worked for other people and my schedule was not my own.

Being a Kick-Ass Life coach is so deeply satisfying! I love my clients ans seeing them grow and expand. I love the moment when they see the story I’m pointing out to them and the way it’s stopping them from having what they want– that big ah-ha moment is priceless. What’s even better is hearing them report back how quickly things have changed for them now that they have stopped limiting to themselves or telling a limiting story. Growth and expansion rocks!

I love hanging out with my girl friends and talking about life, men and business. It’s so cool to spend time with other bold, courageous women who are doing their own thing. I always learn so much and laugh a lot! It rocks!

I’m appreciative of all the helpful people in my life. I am supported in so many ways. It feels wonderful to know that help is there when I need it!

I’m especially appreciative of the abundance that flows into my life. The Universe is generous with me and provides me with everything I need and lots of wonderful opportunities or growth and expanssion.

Now it’s your turn- What are you appreciating from this week?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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