The Big WHY

What’s the driving force behind everything you do? Not just in your life, in your business too (I suspect it’s the same thing).

LeahBanner5 (221x146)Freedom, fun and feeling good are the driving forces in my life.

I’ve discovered that giving myself permission to be 100% me and flying my freak flag leads to more freedom, fun and feeling good. I’ve built my life and my business around this discovery.

Here is why…

People are attracted to you because of the way you make them feel. It’s not about WHAT you do, but rather the reason WHY you do what you do and the energy underneath it.

For example, there are thousands of coaches out there, but my clients see me flying my freak flag and they want to fly their freak flag too. They crave the freedom and fun that comes with feeling good in every aspect of their lives and know that I’m the one to help them get there. They can feel that energy coming off of me because it’s the driving force underneath everything I do.

Does everyone agree with my ideas about flying your freak flag? Hell no!

Lots of people have very strong reactions to the term freak flag. They either love it or hate it….but that’s the point. If they love it- I’m the one for them. If they hate it, we aren’t a good fit.

The same thing goes in my personal life. People either LOVE me and my commitment to being ME or I drive them crazy. I’ve been called selfish many times by people who think it’s my job to make them happy(which it totally isn’t. We are each responsible for our own happiness) and there are plenty of people who wonder “who the hell I think I am” for dying my hair blue and purple, swearing and hanging my tattoos out for the world to see. My desire for freedom, fun and feeling good seems self-indulgent to them. And that is OK by me. Everyone is free to pursue their own path.

The thing is, I’m living my life for me and I’m committed to feeling good in all aspects of my life. The way to do that is to stop worrying about what other people think and to start focusing on what feels good to me. Being ME feels good!

Knowing what drives you and being really clear on why you do what you do makes you super shiny to the people who resonate with those same ideas. When you build your life around these things you can’t go wrong.


What’s your big WHY?

What would it look like if you built your life around it?


If your not sure how to answer, start by asking yourself these questions –

What are you passionate about?

What are you compelled to take action around? 

What do you find yourself doing by default? 

What makes you feel good?



It doesn’t matter if it’s freaky or obscure.  If you feel strongly about it and compelled to take action around this, I guarantee that there are people out there who are waiting for you to raise your flag so they can rally around it.


Take a minute to share your thoughts in the comments below.  


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