The Blame Game

Blame…it’s so tightly woven into the way we relate to each other and the world around us. We are so quick to assign blame whenever something makes us upset, unhappy, or is going to make us look bad.

pointing-fingerIt’s second nature to point the finger when things go wrong. We blame the weather for wrecking our plans, our job for making us miserable, our ex for breaking out heart. The government, big business and politicians for screwing up the economy.

We blame ourselves for making mistakes and bad choices.

Blame distracts us from what we really need to see. It shifts our focus outside when we’d be better served looking inside. It leads you away from being responsible for your life. Your power. Your ability to create.

Blame takes us away from the lesson, awareness and clarity that all our experiences, good and bad, are leading us to. It causes us to have to repeat the same experiences over and over again until we finally things get so bad we’re forced to see what is there.

Blame creates victims and villains and moves us away from acceptance, of ourselves and others. Someone has to be wrong. There is judgement. Hate. Anger. Distrust. Projections and expectations of how things should be. Which takes us away from clearly seeing how they are.

When we turn it inward, blame takes us out of a loving, right relationship with ourselves. It makes us ashamed of who we are and causes us to hide out behind the false images of perfection that we create.

What happens when we stop playing the blame game and embrace personal responsibility and acceptance instead? We become powerful. We are no longer blindly stumbling through life wondering why things keep happening to us.

The blinders come off and we can see what our experiences have to show us. We get to know ourselves on a deeper level. We make better choices. We feel safer. We love ourselves and others. Life gets better.

Are you in?

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