The Burning Question Answered


I’m happy dancing with the opportunity to play with Danielle LaPorte!

She invited people to answer this question on their blogs –What’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?

I’m so in on this!!!!

I used to buy into the idea that the way to be successful was to work really, really hard. Long hours spent paying your dues and saying “yes” to everything that was asked of you. You didn’t question your salary or your boss. You just hunkered down and did your best hoping that someone would notice the great work you were doing. It would all pay off in the end when you magically reached the point of success and got to do relax a bit and enjoy your life.

But that is never the way it turned out. The more I worked, the more that was expected of me. I had set my own personal bar so high, I couldn’t possible keep up with it. Sure I made some money and was good at my job, but I was miserable!!! Burnt out, pissed off and needing a really long vacation.

Funny enough, my own personal experience had taught me that the opposite of this was true. I was the most prosperous and happy when I was barely doing any work at all – selling E at parties back in the day. I’m not suggesting that you become a drug dealer, but I am pointing out that working hard was not necessarily paying off in my world.

Working hard for no payoff was what I grew up watching my parents do. My Dad went off to a job he hated everyday and came home and poured himself a drink first thing in the door. My Mom struggled to raise kids, get her Master’s degree and then build a career. They both worked really hard hoping to one day be able to relax and enjoy their lives….even if it would be when they retired. They barely made enough money to raise our family in the traditional lower middle class way.

Then my Mom got breast cancer and struggled with that disease for 8 years before it finally killed her. She was only 55.

Her last words to me were- Enjoy your life now!!! You are working so hard and so focused on your career. You need to stop and enjoy your life right now!!

You see, she had thought that if she worked hard when she was young, she would be able to enjoy her life when she was older…..but she found herself dying instead. Her words of wisdom- This was supposed to me my time to live- and I’m dying instead. Don’t let that happen to you!

I took her words to heart.

What I know to be true– Success comes from being happy and enjoying your life. Spend your time doing what you love. Have fun everyday!! Take the time to enjoy the people who matter to you. Breath!!!! Celebrate!!!! Live!!! The money will come.


I invite you to play along and answer this question too- What’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?




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