The Dark Side of Devotion

IMG_3615Boy,oh boy- Boston is deep into the dog days of summer. Lots of hot humid days and sultry nights with lots of fun activities to engage in…like dancing the night away under the stars at Figment and  enjoying King Lear at  Shakespeare on the Common.

The humidity + a lovely fluffy cat = me constantly wearing cat hair sleeves. It’s gross..and itchy, but unavoidable at this point. How can you resist such a sweet boy?


In my last post I askedWhat are you devoted too?

I heard from  many rejoicing in their devotion to freedom, feeling good, being happy, freak flag flying; and your families and children, work, and communities.

I can tell how much these things mean to you and how much joy they add to your lives.

I’m curious if you’re devoted to anything that does NOT bring you joy?

Where in your life, do you choose to give your time, money, energy and attention to something over and over again and it leaves you feeling unsatisfied or miserable?

Instead of opening you up it makes you feel shut down and trapped?

I see this a lot in people who are devoted to making other people happy. They put everyone else’s happiness above their own, make decisions based on what other people want, and then end up feeling miserable and powerless to change it.

There’s a lot of blaming, complaining and feeling trapped in bad choices.

The way to change this…

Taking care of your own needs, being happy and feeling good is the fastest way to spread joy to the people around you.

Self- loathing is another common one. The whole beauty and self-improvement industry is built on the belief you are somehow lacking and not good enough. How much time and money have you spent on self-improvement? I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars!!!

What if you were as devoted to loving and accepting yourself as you were to fixing yourself?

How much money would you save? How much energy would you free up? How good would you feel?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this!

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