The Dream Killing Loop

Does this loop sound familiar?

You know what you want to create for yourself, and your initial inspiration feels awesome! You’re super-stoked to write that book, expand your business, and step into the life you’ve always been dreaming of. Woo-hoo! You are totally going to do it!

(cue up scary movie music)

Enter the Dream Killer— the dreaded HOW! 

How can I get the money?

How can I find my dream job?

How can I find my soulmate?

How can I buy the car/house of my dreams?

How can I be happy?

You have no idea “HOW” to make it happen (if you did, you’d already be living it). You’re staring at a big pile of unknown factors, and it’s freaking you out!

Your mind goes into hyper-overdrive trying to figure out HOW you’re going to MAKE this happen.  All the options you come up with involve large sums of money, skills you don’t have, and things you don’t want to do.

Suddenly, you’re putting all kinds of conditions on having what you want:  I have to [work extra hard / give up something that I want / be different in some way] in order to HAVE this awesome thing that I desire.

It all starts to feel crappy, overwhelming and very far away.

Next thing you know, you’re not having fun any more, doubting yourself and all the life has been sucked out of your dream.

I’m so sick of seeing so many awesome, creative people stuck in this dream-killing loop and perpetually wanting something that’s just out of reach.

You want to know the way out?

It’s going to sound crazy……….

Let go of the HOW!!!

Stop trying to figure out HOW it’s all going to happen. Give your dream some space to breath and expand into.

I know….not knowing HOW drives you crazy. You want to DO SOMETHING to bring your big fabulous idea to life, but it’s not ready yet. If it was time, you would already know what to do.

The pressure and worry of the unknown constricts your energy up tight. There is no room for the HOW to come in. In order to shift this, you need to create some space for your dream to unfold.

Expand your energy and bring yourself into alignment with what you want to create for yourself.

Feel Good Now!! Do fun stuff and enjoy your life!

And while you’re enjoying yourself – play with your desire and connect to how it will feel to be living it.

Daydream and have fun imagining what it will be like to have what you want. How will it feel?

Picture the details of what your day will look like and feel like as you are living out your dream. Mentally spend the money, talk with the clients, gaze into your lovers eyes, teach the class.

Make an art project out of it!  Create a book or dream map that includes images that represent all the awesome things you will be doing when you’re living out your dream. Connect to the feeling of it!!

Create a soundtrack for your dream and play it over and over again so you can feel it.

Talk about the awesome things you will do to anyone who will listen.

Look for evidence of your dream showing up in the form of helpful people, articles, the random desire to call someone or go someplace.

Take the action steps you’re inspired to take as you respond to what shows up and feels fun.

Ignore everything you think you “have-to” or are “supposed-to” do and do what you want to do instead.

Celebrate every last bit of progress.

Watch as your dream unfolds before you.

Live it!

What comes up for you as you think about doing this?


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