The Fastest Way to Fuck Up Your Business

What’s the fastest way to fuck up your business and get thrown into swirl of confusion and self doubt?

Listen to other people’s advice and opinions about what you should do.

I was having a great conversation about this very thing during my time on The Watch Her Thrive Project live video event with Kimberly Riggins. We were discussing how each of us have gone through periods in our business where we were thrown off course and left confused and second guessing ourselves about how to move forward.

The opinions and advice came from a place of love and respect, from people we liked and trusted (in some instances we were paying for it), so we took it to heart.  But most of it wasn’t right for us and left us more confused than when we started.

In the end all this “helpful”  advice made us second guess ourselves, feel like we were doing things wrong, and totally discouraged. In my case, I followed some advice and set off down the wrong path for a while and was doing things that didn’t feel like me. AND it didn’t work either. Surprise, surprise!

After a bit of self-reflection, we both came to the conclusion that following other people’s advice and opinions is a waste of time. The best course of action is following your own advice!

There was one other thing that we both realized- it’s important to know why you’re looking outside yourself for answers in the first place.

I know I actively seek other people’s opinions and advice is when something has happened to shake my confidence  and I stop  trusting  myself and  feel like something is wrong with me and what I’m doing- like when no one signed up for my fabulous class or I’m not making enough money.

When I think something is wrong with me, I stop looking inside for the answers and start asking everyone else. Big mistake!!

It’s one thing to ask other people their opinion as a means to get a glimpse of different perspectives and learn something new, but everything you hear should be measured against your feeling of alignment. Ask yourself  “Is this right for ME?”,  “Is this in alignment with who I am?” before you start switching things up.

You are the only one who knows what is right for you. Your inner guidance and alignment will show you the way every time. But you have to be willing to listen to and trust it. Pay attention to what makes you feel good, excited, turned on, and expansive. Do more of that!

As a coach, I don’t tell people what to do, but rather I teach them how to tune into their own inner-guidance and alignment so they can find their own best way of doing things. I give you tools, resources, and practices that will help you tune in, shift your energy, come into alignment, and expand into more You-ness….but I’m not going say what that looks like for you.  This approach gives you MORE power and gets better results.

When do you find yourself asking for advice and other people’s opinions?

How has it worked for you?


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