The GOOD Kind of Scary

I’m curious about your relationship to DOING and taking action….and if it gets tangled up with money and having what you want.

I like to be busy…maybe busy isn’t the best word….I like to occupy my time doing things that are interesting to me. I fill up my time and get shit done!

But it can easily get distorted when money is involved.

Feeling like I need to do certain things in order to get money always feels yucky…like a big HAVE TOO…which never works for a freedom loving gal like me.

Matter of fact, feeling like I HAVE TO do anything in order to have what I desire always makes me cranky. I want to have what I want without having to do a bunch of crap I’m not interested in.

How does this play out in your world?

In my sphere……

It disconnects the idea that I HAVE TO work in order to have money.

Whether I’m focusing on money or the other cool things I desire…..taking action is an essential part of ruling my world.

Spending time doing things I enjoy is satisfying, fulfilling and gets results.

Spending time doing things I think I need to do in order to have what I want….NOT SO MUCH.

Its the biggest time/energy suck around….besides FB. 😉

Action is necessary, but being clear on where the action is coming from is even more important.

Is it a knee jerk reaction to a perceived problem? Or is it coming from a place of inspiration?

The knee jerk reaction is where the yuck comes in. It comes from a place of fear that you have to do something so you can get what you want.

Thinking you have to do something in order to have what you want puts major wonk into the energy you’re creating with. It feels super constrictive….a total lack of freedom.

It leads to a bunch of busy work you don’t really feel like doing, doesn’t produce any real results and wastes a lot of time that could have been used for pleasurable pursuits! (like going to the pottery studio!)

Inspired action comes from that part of you that has a big picture perspective, is more grounded and centered, takes less time and leads to expansion and your desired result. There is less frantic energy.….more ease and flow……more FREEDOM!

I’m not saying inspired action is easy!!

The Good Kind of ScarySome of the most challenging, crazy moves I’ve ever made have been inspired action….but they always felt right….expansive… and scary(in a good way).
I’d love to hear about your experience with this!

Do you put conditions on having what you want?

How do you tell the difference between knee jerk reaction vs inspired action?

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