The Good,The Bad & The Shiny

I’ve been engaging in a bunch of really cool conversations with other non-conforming entrepreneurs about the benefits and challenges of flying your freak flag in your biz. It’s been really fun to stir up this energy!

I think one of my favorite conversations so far was with a musician who wants to increase his business as a drumming instructor. Over the course of our conversation he shifted from being a bored drum instructor who taught basic rhythms and techniques to being a Soul Drummer who teaches people how to use their instrument as a spiritual practice. You could feel the expansion and excitement as he talked about his desire to do this work in the world. It became very clear what his freak flag looks like and who his right people are. Now it will be super easy for him to stand out and shine so his people will find him.

Flying your freak flag and really showing up in your biz ROCKS for a bunch of different reasons.

It feels good to be yourself and let people see who you are! It’s a hell of a lot less work than trying to fit in! Being real rocks!

It’s deeply rewarding to be able to put your own special twist on the work that you do. It feels kick-ass to be sharing your own unique perspective.

More money in your pocket! When you’re unique-you stand out and people remember you. This makes it really easy for the people that you want to work with to find you and hire you.

You get to spend your time doing what you love and get paid to do it!!! What’s better than that???

But there are some challenges to flying your freak flag in your biz too.

It can feel really scary! It takes courage to break-free of the pre-packaged way that people have been doing business and do things your own way.

It feels risky to put yourself out there and be unique. It goes against what most people are doing and what you’ve been taught, especially if you come from the corporate world!

It’s a leap of faith when you decide to really claim what you want to offer the world and to believe that people will want it. You have to trust that your right people will find you.  You have to trust that the Universe is conspiring with you to create your Kick-Ass Biz.

You have to get over the fear of offending people. When you do things differently and stand out some folks won’t like it- I say “Fuck ’em!”  Those aren’t your people and they were never going to buy from you anyway. The goal isn’t to get everyone to like you…it’s just not going to happen! I’m more interested in appealing to the right people…the ones who resonate with with who I am and what I have to offer. They won’t see you if you’re being all wussy and not flying your freak flag.

Everyone I spoke with agrees- It’s worth it! It feels totally Kick-Ass to unfurl your freak flag in your biz, be yourself, and do the work that you love with the people you enjoy doing it with.

It seems like the mainstream marketing people are beginning to come on over to the freak flag flying side now too. I’ve been seeing all kinds of marketing people talking about personal branding, and how you need to identify what you uniquely have to offer so you stand out from all the rest. That’s the same thing that I’ve been talking about for years!

Except, I also stress the added energetic boost that you get when you are being yourself, and feeling good in your biz. It makes you super shiny and attractive to the people who resonate with you. These are the people who are going to become your raving fans! When you’re trying to fit in and do things the “right and accepted way” you blend in and it’s hard for your people to find you.

If you want to learn more about flying your freak flag in your biz- sign up for this kick-ass f.r.e.e call – How Not Flying Your Freak Flag is Losing You Money.


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