The Haters, Freak Flag Flying and a Happy Ending

Ms Cranky pantsHave you ever had someone hate on you and publicly make fun of who you are and what your doing?

This is one of the top 3 fears that my clients face.

They are afraid that someone is going to make fun, criticize or harass them if they put themselves out there.

Do you worry about this too?

Guess what? It totally happened to me and you won’t believe how it turned out.

About 6 months ago-I had someone leave a really negative comment on a video I made.

They basically said they couldn’t take me seriously because I had tattoos. I wasn’t being “professional enough”. Worst nightmare, right? 

Did it bother me? Hell yhea!!

After a few minutes I settled down and my response was- this is who I am, and it sounds like I’m NOT the coach for you.

Interesting thing is that I just got off the phone with this women. We had the BEST conversation and she admitted that she was the one who had left the nasty comment-that I used to drive her crazy cause I let my freak flag fly and was so ME…without apology.

She told me that she used to HATE me and every time she would see my Facebook posts she would get pissed off and think that I was full of shit, but she couldn’t stop reading them and following me (I never thought that I would be happy that someone told me that they hated me).

She resented that I was “allowed” to put myself out there, share what I was passionate about and fly my freak flag and still be accepted. She wanted that too.

Talk about being BRAVE! Her willingness to be vulnerable and speak her truth lead to an amazing connection and conversation. I deeply appreciated her courage.

She realized that she really NEEDED to talk with me. That I wasn’t full of shit and she wanted what I had to offer. It’s why she was so triggered by me. LOL!

LeahBanner5 (221x146)She asked me where I found the courage to fly my freak flag, share my passion, and do whatever I want to do. How could I do that!?

I do it because I can’t help myself. I’m not willing to be anything other than ME and I do the work to unleash myself from everything that holds me back.

Which was enough to have her saying she wanted to unleash herself too!

I love  that this week has been full of affirmations that my flying my freak flag inspires other people and makes them want to work with me. Woo-hoo!


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