The One Thing You Need to Change

You are pure perfection and lusciousness. Juicy goodness flows through your viens and I can see the shimmering light that shines forth from you way over here.

Can you see it in yourself? Do you appreciate the magnificence that is you?

Are you aware of the magic you bring and the power you hold?

You KNOW this to be true in the center of your being, that’s why thinking that you are not good enough feels so shitty.

There is no need to change or fix anything about you except the thought that you are not good enough. 

Do you hear me, sweet sister?

My wish for you is that you stop telling the stories that cast you as being  stupid, dis-organized, less than and in need of something else before you can shine bright.

Love and appreciate yourself instead! Start your day by writing down three things that are awesome about you. Keep this love-list for yourself and read it often.

Share three things you love about yourself in the comments below.


If you feel like this is difficult and there is something in your way, I invite you to consider Unleash Yourself. This 30 day class will empower you to love yourself, fly your freak flag and boldly rule your world. 



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