The Path to a Life that Rocks

Someone recently asked me if I could map out the steps that they needed to follow in order to find more happiness and meaning in their life.

This is what I came up with.

The Path to a Life That Rocks!

1). Take 100% responsibility for your experience in life

2). Be Curious.

3). Invite your Inner-Freak out to play.

4) Tune into your inner-guidance system.

5). Explore everything and anything that looks interesting to you.  Try it on for size.

  • If it feels good DO it!  Follow your Yes!
  • If you don’t like it, let it go.

6). Embrace mistakes, they are an essential part of learning new things and discovering what works.

7). Become comfortable with the discomfort of exploring your edge and pushing your boundaries.

8). Embrace Change

9).Amplify the Energy that you want more of in your life.

10). Be committed to feeling things fully.

Every experience is a direct result of the energy that you are sending out.

The Most Important thing you can do to create a Life that ROCKS is this:

Be committed to feeling good.

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