The Problem with Protecting Yourself From Your Desires

What do you want in your life and business?

The most common answer I hear to this question is “I don’t know”.

I think you do know, but you’re afraid to claim it because you don’t think you can really have it.

And that is the problem.

You don’t believe you can have what you want, so you don’t give yourself permission to go for it.

You protect yourself from your “unreasonable” desires by ignoring them. You only allow yourself to want the things you think you can have.

You think small and play small.

Guess what happens when you think and play small?

You ignore your desire to travel the world doing boudoir photo shoots and settle for taking pictures of kids and weddings because it seems doable and you really need the money. You end up frustrated and uninspired which negatively impacts your profits.


You stay in the unsatisfying relationship because it’s better than the other’s that you have had, and you settle for a partner who doesn’t give you the love and affection that you desire. You crave affection and touch, and begin to feel undesirable. You end up wondering how you ended up this way.

Want to know how to change it?

Recognize that the only thing stopping you from having everything you desire is your story saying you can’t have it.

This story prevents you from dreaming and playing big! It makes you settle for an unsatisfying relationship, sucky job, and keeps you from expanding into your greatness.

We are here to expand, grow and be inspired.

Stop reigning yourself in and ignoring your desires. If you feel a strong desire that keeps coming back, it is meant for you! Give yourself permission to go for it!! The Universe is on your side and will show you the way if you let it.

The challenge is to identify where your stories about what is possible are holding you back.  It’s hard to see these stories because you’re too close to them and they are wound deep into your belief system. You often need an outside perspective to see them clearly.

Here are so examples of the changes that can happen when you change up your story-

“You mean all I have to do is stop lying to myself?” is  what an amazing women who hired me to help her improve her social life said.  With-in one week of discovering the crappy old story that prevented her from having the relationships that she wanted, she was filling up her social calendar with fun new connections.

It can be that easy!

Another client let go of the stories that prevented her from going for her dream of being a documentary film maker, and someone else stopped playing it small and went on to create a life changing women’s event.

I can help you say “yes” to your desires and allow them in. You will be going for your dream job, expanding into your greatness, and tapping into all the juicy goodness that the world has to offer you.

Is this something that you can use? If  your answer is “hell Yhea” send me an email and lets talk.







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