The Problems of a Powerful Woman

It can be tough to be a powerful woman. From the time you are small people try to reign you in and force you into the box of a well behaved girl. We adjust our behavior in order to get by. This manifests in a number of different ways, but ultimately it hinders your ability to fully access your power and live your Kick-Ass Life.

Fighting for your Right

Even as a child I recognized my power. I knew what I wanted and I was not afraid to go out and get it for myself, but this caused problems for me. My parents didn’t know what to do with such a powerful girl child, and tried to control me. I was always questioned about what I was doing, made wrong for my choices, and reigned in. They tried so hard to fit me into the box that they thought a perfect young lady should be in.

I fought for my right to be me. I was punished a lot as a teenager for talking back and standing my ground. The end result was that I built a giant fortress around my heart and I fiercely protected my kingdom and my right to create it as I wished. I lived in this fortress for a long time, but eventually I had to tear down the walls so that I could fully experience the life that I wanted to lead. Living inside of a fortress can be pretty confining. I was ready to expand into the fullness of my being and in order to do that, I needed to be free.

Surrendering & Hiding

One of my super star clients responded to being put in a box in a different way. When she was small, she was constantly faced with questions about what she was doing, and why. She hated having to explain herself because she was often made wrong, so she reigned in her power and tried to hide it. She followed the path of least resistance and learned how to be what people expected her to be.  She wanted people to like her and didn’t want to explain herself. She ended up feeling unsatisfied and disconnected from who she was.

Then one day she discovered that doing this no longer worked for her. She was so innately powerful that it shimmered through regardless of how she tried to hide it. People couldn’t help but notice it. She decided to stop hiding, and stepped fully out into her truth. What a beautiful thing to witness! Now she easily rules her world and creates it to reflect all that she is.

I see other clients respond to people trying to rein them in by being defensive, doubting themselves, and shutting down. It seems like the options are fighting for your right to be you, or surrendering and hiding who you really are. Either way, it is tough to live like that.

If you want to fully embrace your power you need to recognize these patterns in your life so that you can let them go. I can help you if you like. Click here to set up a Kick-Ass Consultation to identify what holds you back and how you can break free.

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