The Real Reason Why the Things You Want Aren’t Showing Up

Do you ever get discouraged because the things that you want in your kick-ass life have not appeared yet?

You did the work of identifying what your Kick-Ass Dream Life would look like, you put things in motion, but it still hasn’t manifested. It’s so frustrating and you have no idea what you are doing wrong.

Don’t give up!

The reason why your kick-ass life has not appeared yet is because you are not used to thinking of yourself living it.

I am serious.

How much time do you spend actually picturing yourself living your kick-ass dream life?

Do you think of yourself utilizing the things that are the building blocks of your aspirations?

You have to visualize being the Star of your kick-ass life and play it over and over in your mind so that it becomes part of you.

This is a key step in Kick-Ass Creation!

What I usually see clients doing before they start working with me is that they spend time dreaming about what their kick-ass life would look like, and have maybe even created a vision board about it, but then they go about business as usual. They still do all the same things that they were always doing, except now they notice how the things they want are not appearing. They think about their goals, BUT they do not picture themselves having and using the things that comprise their Kick-Ass Dream Life. The things they want are still separate and outside of themselves.

You need to claim your kick-ass dream and own it. Think of yourself as already living it and act as-if it is already here.

Here are a few of the tricks that I share with my private clients that you can use to help with this process:

  1. Take time to connect to your version of your kick-ass life: Write out a detailed version of what a typical day in your kick-ass life looks like. How do you feel when you wake up?  How does your day flow? With whom do you talk? With whom do you have dinner?  Read this everyday and imagine yourself living it.
  2. Believe that you can have it!!! Seriously! Your doubt is a gigantic obstacle to getting what you want.
  3. Act as-if you are already living your kick-ass life and create the support structures that you will need to do so. Let go of the things that do not serve your new vision and bring in what you now need. For example, if your kick-ass life includes climbing Mt. Everest, you had better make sure exercise is a big part of your week. This applies to everything: people, environments, health, etc.
  4. Talk about your version of Kick-Ass. Tell people what you are doing and creating.  Speaking it gives it power, and it also makes you a bit more accountable.
  5. Spend time looking for evidence that your desires are showing up. Notice every little thing on your list that is evident in your new life already.

Give these tricks a try and let me know what happens in the comments below.

If you are interested in becoming an expert at Kick-Ass Creation, sign up for this call on Oct. 19th: The 5 Steps to Creating Your Kick-Ass Dream Life. This free call will teach you everything you need to know to start bringing more kick-ass into your life right now. Sign up here:

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