The Realization that Changed Everything

This was a big turning point for me……….

I was feeling stuck, worried about money and frustrated that my lover wouldn’t commit to living together.  I was feeling stagnant and cranky about it so I got on the phone with my favorite coach of all time and proceeded to tell him that there were a few areas of my life that weren’t feeling that great to me. I wasn’t making enough money in my business and my lover didn’t want the same things from our relationship as I did. Everything was OK besides that.

“As long as I don’t think about these things I’m good, but then something happens and I get lost in feeling bad about my lover not wanting to live together and how I’m just scraping by each month and I get stressed out and start feeling bad”

“I just need some wiggle room! I don’t want to feel like I’m settling.”

His response knocked the wind out of me for a minute.

“You don’t believe you can have it”

There was a long silence on my end as I let those words settle in. Then I realized that it was true! On some level I didn’t truly believe that I could have the relationship, business, money, and life that I truly wanted.

I wasn’t allowing myself to dream big and look for other solutions that would open up the way for everything that I wanted because I was protecting myself from my desires. I was thinking small and playing small and willing to settle for “wiggle room” rather than going big and opening up the way for something magnificent to come in.

That conversation changed everything for me.

I started noticing all the places I was aiming small and settling because I doubted I could have what I wanted. I gave myself permission to dream big and get specific about what I desired in my life. And my life changed drastically for the better. I ditched my old boyfriend and found myself someone who wanted the same things that I did. I changed the way I was doing business and made more money. I upped my game and expanded into the luscious life I wanted to live.

Now my life is full of all kinds of juicy goodness and I’m passionate about helping you create the same thing too!

It breaks my heart when I talk to women who are settling for unsatisfying lives. They’re bored, frustrated and uninspired about some aspect of their work, relationships, or life and find themselves settling for whatever everyone else is having, and afraid to ask for what they really want.

When I ask them what they want their response is-“I don’t know.

Every time I hear this, it activates the coach in me. Once we dig in it becomes apparent that they do know what they want- they’re just afraid to claim it!!

I know that life is full of juicy goodness and I want YOU to give yourself permission to claim it!Unleash Yourself!

That is why I have teamed up with my dear friend Kelle Sparta to create an exciting new class starting in July called Unleash Yourself! 30 Days to Luscious Freedom. This class will have you shouting “ I Love My Life” from the roof tops!  There is room for 30 Luscious Ladies to join us on this fun and transformational adventure (sorry guys).

If you are tired of settling and are ready to start living a luscious life of your own – email me and I will fill you in on the class details. Don’t delay if you want to get in on the crazy good early bird pricing that ends June 10th.

I’d love to have you join us!!




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