The Source of Your Creative Power

The other night I was listening to MOTH Radio and one of the performers was Aimee Mullins. She is a paraplegic who refused to hide who she was in order to make other people comfortable. I found her talk so inspiring that I looked it up on the MOTH website so that I could listen again. The same talk aired on NPR the next day while I was in the car so I knew it had a special message for me.

I know, I just wrote a post about Aimee last week, but this chick is inspiring and her story keeps popping up for me so I’m going with it.

Aimee embraced the fact that her legs were amputated below the knee  and decided to have fun with it. She wouldn’t settle for the typical prosthetic legs that were available to her. The options were extremely limited.

She decided that she was having conversations about what was possible for her legs with the wrong people and set out to find people who would say “yes” to her ideas.

She sought out the people who would see the potential and the possibilities rather than the limitation of having no lower legs.

Looking for the right people opened up a world of possibilities and opportunities for her.

She became the fastest paraplegic women in the world with some new sprinting legs.

She walked the Paris runways in fashion shows with beautifully carved wooden legs and feathered legs. She could pick what height she wanted to be. She acted in film and TV and now is a key note speaker and an inspiration to people all over the world.

All this happened because she wouldn’t settle. She wanted to do more with her life.

Aimee embraced what made her different and allowed it to make her extraordinary and exceptional.

We all have something about us that makes us different. For the most part we have been taught to hide those parts of us away so that we fit in and be normal. We don’t want to make other people uncomfortable so we make ourselves uncomfortable by hiding who we are and not allowing ourselves to be fully self expressed.

I like what Aimee has to say about this-

“When we celebrate and truly own what it is that makes us different we are able to find the source of our greatest creative power. “

What would happen if you embraced what made you different?

What might be possible for you?



You can listen to the story told by Aimee by using the player below. Her story is the first 15 minutes of the show.

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