The Super Secret Process for Discovering Your Purpose

Want to know the secret to discovering your passion and creating a life full of purpose, meaning and fun?

Well, I guess it is more of a process than a single action-so let’s call it a Secret Process! That sounds much more intriguing.

I promise you that this Secret Process will help you connect to your life’s purpose AND create a Kick-Ass Life. It’s a double whammy!

And it’s pretty simple, but it’s something that is severely lacking in many people’s lives.

The secret process is this- Spend some time getting to know YOU on a much deeper level.

Explore everything that interests you.

Experiment a lot and try things on for size.

Evaluate your experiences to see what works and feels good to you, and do more of those things.

This is a hands on activity and requires you to take the time to explore and actively experience many different things so you can determine what your good at, lights your fire and gets your juices flowing.

Give yourself permission to break free of what you normally do and explore some new things. If a topic interests you; learn all you can about it.

Follow that spark and see if it lights your soul on fire.

As you go through this process keep notes on what you discover, and be sure to do more of the things that you’re good at and that you enjoy doing. As you begin to bring more of these things into your life, you will notice that your life will begin to feel very Kick-Ass!

Your passion and purpose will surface and become obvious to you as you get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Try it out and  let me know what happens!

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