The Truth About Flying Your Freak Flag

Are you struggling to make all the money you need to survive?

If your answer is ” Nope. I make all the money I could ever need” you get a big high five and you don’t need to read any further.

If your answer is “Yes” and you’re beginning to think that you can’t make money doing what you love….here is something to think about.

Fly-your-freak-flagThere are tons of people offering the same basic services that you are. It’s like a big beige blur of boring…everyone doing the same things the same way.

You could be a musician, healer, coach, or other type of entrepreneur and whether or not you’re successful comes down to the same thing-

Are you able to differentiate yourself from all the rest and become the obvious choice?

Flying your freak flag is the way you do it!

Flying your freak flag makes you interesting!

It eliminates competition by making you unique, plus it makes it really easy for the people who resonate with what you have to offer to find you.

What is flying your freak flag all about?

Being fully self-expressed, feeling good about who you are and bringing all of you to the party, so your people connect to you on a deep level!

It’s also about saying “Yes” to what you are interested in and saying “No” to the crap you could care less about.

Showing up this way feels totally Kick-Ass!

You stand out from the crowd and become super shiny to the people who are looking for what you are offering.

When you offer what you want offer in your own unique way there is no competition, because no-body can do it like you.

Your living your life your way and spending time with the people you want to connect with! Can I get a big “Hell Yhea!” to this?

Here is the thing that no-body tells you – What you stand for and the quirks that make you weird and freaky are really your biggest selling points!! These are the things that are going to attract people to you and make you the obvious choice.

Flying your freak flag in your biz specifically allows you to be REAL and bring it all with you: strengths, flaws, weird habits, freaky ideas, vulnerabilities, and your unique perspective and talents. These are the things that are going to allow people to connect with you, and say a big “YES” and hand over the cash.

I know this sounds kind of scary! Especially when you apply this concept to your biz! It goes against the pre-packaged biz ideas we were brought up with. The pre-packaged way of doing biz has us hiding these things under a suit of conformity……I suspect that doesn’t work for you.

Contrary to what we have been brought up to believe- It’s OK to let the REAL you show in your biz. Matter of fact- it’s preferable. It builds trust and allows people to connect with you.

Three Key Components

There are three key components to flying your freak flag (in your life and biz)

1. Owning who you are and what differentiates you from all the rest

2. Taking a stand for what you believe in

3. Doing your thing your way

I break each one down in upcoming blog posts.

Remember- there are plenty of other people out there who are just as weird and freaky as you who are dying to be seen and understood!

When you fly your freak flag you give other people permission to do it too. That is a beautiful thing. It’s inspiring and it allows the people who resonate with what you have to offer to find you.

~I hope you really take this part in ~

People don’t become your raving fans because of what you do. They do it because of who you are, the way they relate to you and what you stand for.  Especially in these times, people are sick and tired of being scammed and taken advantage of. They want to deal with real people who they can trust and relate to.

Flying your freak flag and being real allows people to connect with and trust you!

Let me add this last piece-

Flying your freak flag doesn’t require you to get crazy and dye your hair blue and act all wild-unless that’s what feels right to you. It can be something as simple as talking about your mermaid obsession, or rocking out a tie dye shirt as part of your biz attire. The key is to let people see you in an authentic way.

So- I will leave you with these two questions-

What parts of your life or biz don’t feel like you?

What are three things that you can do today to bring more of YOU into your life & biz so people can see the real you?

Let me know what you come up with in the comments below.


If letting yourself be seen feels scary- Sign up for a free Juicy Goodness Infusion and we can talk about it.

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