The Underground

” The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the Underground.”
~Frank Zappa

I had an “aha” moment when I read this quote today.

It is so true.

The mainstream is full of “pre-packaged” ideas about what people need to be happy. These ideas are handed to us over and over again through the media until we begin to believe that it is the truth and how things work in the world. I took a class in collage about the media and how it influences public opinion. There is a deliberateness to the way information and ideas are scattered around and retold until they become the “truth”.

Buying into the mainstream culture does not require any thought on our part. It seems that it can easily engulf us and convince us that we need not look any further for happiness. But I know that is not true! Happiness is not a one size fits all kind of thing.

For me, identifying what makes me happy is a process. It is about tuning into what feels good and inspires me. It is a process of exploration, going out and looking for other people exploring new ideas and ways of living, and trying things on for size. On my journey, I have explored many Underground cultures, and inside of them have found parts of myself that I never would have accesses if I did not go looking for them.

Underground cultures are edgy and boundary pushing compared to the mainstream! The people who seek them out are discovering what works for them and doing it their way. My best friends are the people I have met in these communities. I appreciate them because they are not afraid to embrace the parts of themselves that are different from the mainstream. They bring fresh new ideas and possibilities into their word and are not afraid to break the Box wide open!

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