There’s No Turning Back Now

I’m done pushing!

Done trying to convince people that society limits our ability to be who we are.

Done being a rabble rouser.

Well, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far.

I’ll still stir things up but I’ll do from a different angle. I’ll do it by dangling the promise of a life full of juicy goodness if you open up and expand into more YOU-NESS!!!

That approach feels so much more expansive, and that is what I’m going for.

A few months ago I realized that Defy the Box felt like it was pushing against something. The whole nature of defying the box felt like you had to struggle and fight in order to be yourself. (You’ll see some changes happening in the upcoming months to remedy this).

When I created Defy the Box I certainly felt that way. I was sick and tired of feeling like I had to conform in order to be successful.

The success that I had created so wasn’t worth it!! I felt like I had to hide big parts of who I was and it made me frustrated and angry most of the time. I also consumed a lot of everything in order to feel better.

After practicing what I preach for so many years, I KNOW that I don’t have to fight to be myself and be fully self-expressed. There is no one holding me back but me.

As I’ve learned to recognize the stories that hold me back and tell me that I’m supposed to be different, I can easily break free of them. Those stories are no longer an obstacle.

The more I fly my freak flag and own who I am, the more luscious my life gets.

There is no pushing or fighting going on. Now it is all about making the choice to release what doesn’t serve me and creating the space for expansion.

Now that I’ve unleashed myself there is no going back!

What about you? Are you pushing against something in your life?

Do you blame anyone, or anything for keeping you from living the life you want to live?

What would happen if you stopped pushing and made the choice to create the space for your expansion?

If you’re ready to stop pushing and start expanding into the juiciest version of your life- sign up for Unleash Yourself! In 30 days you can take your life from ordinary to extraordinary!





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