This is the Rocket Fuel

You want more from your life – More passion, more connection, more money….so what do you do about it?

Do you sit there hoping that someone/something will come along and make your dream come true?

Do you sit there saying your affirmations and intentions over and over again and waiting for the LOA to do it’s thing?

If either one is your strategy- Good Luck!

I’m of the same mindset as Danielle Laporte when it comes to using hope as your strategy.

It’s too passive.

Saying your affirmations and intentions over and over again is a little bit better –at least your doing something- but the energy behind it tends to be coming from a place of lack. What you want hasn’t shown up yet and you’re noticing that so you keep asking for it over and over again.

Since the Law of Attraction is responding to your energy… doesn’t matter what your saying…if you feel the lack  and  that is what is driving your actions- the lack is what you’ll get more of.

This is what works- appreciate everything you already have. Actively notice and feel good about the areas of your life that you want to change.

If you want more passion in your life- think about all the things in your life that you already feel passionate about and spend time appreciating them.

You want more connection- think about all your relationships and all the places where you already feel connected and appreciate them.

Here’s the big one…..You want more money- appreciate the money that you already have. Feel good about being able to pay bills and buy coffee. Be excited about any money that comes in.

Appreciation is the rocket fuel that will take your life to the next level.

Seriously! Why would the Universe …or anyone for that matter….give you more of anything if you don’t appreciate what you already have???

And that is why we do Amplification Friday around here! To give you and me a chance to focus on what we appreciate from our week so we can get more of the juicy goodness that rocks our world!

Here is what I’m appreciating this week-

I appreciate the late blooming roses outside my window. They are so beautiful!!

All the birthday love that came my way! I was pampered and spoiled and showered with lovely gifts. My sweetie treated me like a queen – actually, he always does 😉  He gave me a beautiful new mermaid locket, which I can’t wait to put some pictures into!!!

I appreciate the ease with which the words are flowing from my fingers. The more I commit to speaking from my own voice the easier it becomes.

I appreciate the opportunity to rock the mic at Zestfest this weekend!  I get to talk about one of my favorite subjects- flying your freak flag- with a group of amazing women. It totally rocks!


What are you appreciating??

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